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[Interview] TalkMediaGhana Exclusive Interview With Rising Artist RedMic

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Q. Who is RedMic?
A. Calm and collected with a lot of hype packed inside and a ‘’go getter’’.

Q. What’s your background?
A. From a family of 5, got two baby sisters and i was brought up by my mum, she actually thought me how to be a man.

Q. Single/Married/Divorced/Any child(ren)? (As a joke but if he’s got any be serious)
A. Lol..I’ve got a kid, she’s almost, just kidding.

What was your debut song to ever record that made you become known?
Feeling high Ft. Nel Magnum.

Q. Are you signed on any record label or you manage yourself?
A. Not signed to any label, its all solo effort with help from Nel Magnum.

Q. Apart from being an artist, what else do you do?
A. A part time student .

Q. Is music a long term something for u or u looking at getting out at some point?

Q. What inspired you to drop a Mixtape?
A. Felt like the singles weren’t enough to prove the fact that I’m an artiste, so i thought of putting my records together and dropping them for my loyal listeners. Plus I had to make a statement and let people get to know who RedMic Is .

Q. What genre of music do you do?
A. HipHop & RnB

Q. You managed to release ’Thirst For Success’’ last year, what was the feedback from your fans?
A. People loved it; my mention went ‘ablaze’ and was getting calls. Had a couple of radio interviews, the response was actually bigger than i imagined it to be and people already want a sequel

Q. Why the name ‘’Thirst For Success’’ as the title of your Mixtape?
A. Thirst For Success because at the RedMicpoint in my life my passion was burning and burning fast and I felt like I had to be heard because I have a story to tell. A story about my struggle and to make it to the ‘limelight’ and get known so I can share my experience with the world.

Q. Are you planning to release any videos off your Mixtape or any singles yet to be released?
A. Yeah definitely, working on shooting a couple of videos off Thirst For Success and some new singles as well.
Q. Any mentor(s)?
A. Yeah I have a few, Kanye West, B.o.B, Justin Timberlake and J.Cole.

Q. What’s your take on music in GH as a whole?
A. Ghana music industry I think the mediocrity is becoming a bit too much but nevertheless it’s still got some great talents working overtime to make world class music.

Q. Are there any Ghanaian or African artists as a whole you would love to collaborate with? Who & why?
A. Kojo Antwi, grew up listening to him so it would be an honour to have him on one of my songs.  AKA, I think we have some things in common, musically and just for the hell of it I would like to know which one of us will out do the other.

Q. If you are asked to change one thing in the music/entertainment scene in Ghana, Nigeria or Africa as a whole, what would it be?
In Africa, not a change necessarily but I think the music industry’s structure should be put in place well so distribution becomes easy in order for African music to cross our bothers overseas.

Q. Do you have any new projects coming up? If yes tell us about it.
A. Yeah, I’m currently working on my new Mixtape which will be titled “Dropped Off” and it features amazing artistes like J.Town, Ama Rae, C-Real, Stargo etc and has Nel Magnum And TrackZilla on the production. First single I will be dropping off is scheduled for May/June.

Q. Any shout outs?
A. S/O to Nel Magnum, TrackZilla,12 Gauge, Cookie Boi, Mr. Barley, Palo , Sketch, The whole of the ApVille Fam and everyone who supports my music.

Q. Any last words for your fans?
A. Y’all should watch out for RedVolution, got a whole lot coming your way.

Q. Advice for anyone out there looking to get into music as a profession? 
A. It’s tough out here bruh and these streets are mean to a youngin with a dream but that shouldn’t put you off. All you need is God, hardwork, passion and perseverance will get you anywhere and everywhere and don’t forget to add patience to that. One Love

Q. Finally what do you think about
A. is one of the best entertainment websites in Africa with update info about what’s happening in the entertainment industry all over Africa and doesn’t discriminate on how big or small an artiste/actor is, as long its worth knowing it gets put out there for the world to listen/read.

Thanks for your time…

RedMic… Smiles… :)



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